Costa Rica

Químicos Holanda Costa Rica

Químicos Holanda Costa Rica, S.A. was established since 1978 as part of the HCI Group. Our main activity is the distribution of industrial chemicals, being the leader in the market of Costa Rica.  We are committed to the improvement of quality, diversification of products and excellent customer service.


Since 2004 we hold the ISO 9001-2000 ISO certification.  Likewise we operate following the guidelines of the CASA (CALIDAD, SEGURIDAD Y AMBIENTE, i.e., Quality, Safety and Environment) established by our headquarters at a worldwide level, which has allowed us to exceed local standards.


The Sales, Administrative and Logistics offices are located in the city of Heredia. One fertilizer plant operates in the locality of Cartago to assist our clients in the agricultural sector of the country.


We have a storage warehouse operating in Barranca110 kilometers from the city of San Jose and near Puerto Calder (Pacific Sector).


The location Puerto de Moin (Atlantic Sector) is used for storage, pumping and loading of solvents and sodium hydroxide. Storage and the management of other products are also offered to third parties.


Commercial activity is divided into IBU’s (Unidades Industriales de Negocios, i.e. International Business Units), the most important being products related to personal care and detergents; paints and varnishes.


As our primary activity is the distribution of industrial chemicals, we also dedicate ourselves to equally important activities, as are storage services, direct or indirect sales, personalized compounds mixed to the clients’ specifications, production of liquid fertilizers and the development of specialized chemicals.


Sodium hydroxide in liquid form, solvents and mixtures, sodium sulfate, and sodium carbonate are among the principal products that we sell.