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Brenntag Química Brasil Ltda.

In 1995, HCI Group arrives in Brazil and buys a local distributor called Alquímica. This Company used to have Distribution Centers in Sao Paulo, as well as in the South of the country. One year later, in  1996, HCI also buys B. Herzog, another big distributor sited in Sao Paulo.  In 2001, both companies were fused becoming the HCI Brasil.


One year later, in 2002, HCI Brazil buys another distributor called Fenil Química. At this time, the company name is changed to  Brenntag Química Brasil Ltda.


Today, Brenntag Brazil work in three different Distributions Centers located in :


  • Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, 
  • Esteio, RS,
  • Joinville, SC.


Here is a view of  our Distribution Centers in Brazil:

Guarulhos - Contacts by phone number 55 11 2489-4151



Esteio - Contacts by phone 55 51 2123-6099



Joinville - Contacts by phone 55 47 2105-1000





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