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“The use of Agrofeed preserves water as a valuable resource and lessens the filtration of fertilizers through the soil; this fact becomes a significant contribution towards a cleaner agriculture”, as explained by Flor Alba Martínez, Technical Manager of the agrochemical business unit in Brenntag, Colombia.


Since more than 14 years ago, Brenntag began to develop its liquid fertilizing line under its licensed Agrofeed trademark.


Agrofeed development is founded on the tailored technical support provided to customers by an excellent human and professional group.





AGROFEED is a complete liquid fertilizer, specially formulated in accordance to technical directions where SOIL, WATER, AND THE CULTIVATION are taken into account.  In other words, once your request has been processed, it is a tailor-made nutritional solution.


It is a stable saturated solution with compatible minerals that can be directly incorporated to the irrigation water—always following the pH directions and the dissolution factor—in order to finally obtain a nutritional solution for the concentration of elements and ideal pH, so that plants are enable to efficiently take advantage of it.


The Agrofeed liquid state eases loading and unloading operations at the time of receiving fertilizers, and when a normal or computerized ferti-irrigation dosing takes place.


The formula is designed for farmers in accordance to the cultivation nutritional information.  Agrofeed counts on the characteristic of being a stable solution, free from impurities.


It is dosed following a technical criterium in accordance to the phenological state and cultivation needs, as well as the fertility level of the soil.


It can be applied to different irrigation types, drip, spray, pivots, canals, aerial, as well as in drench.


Some of the main advantages of Agrofeed liquid fertilizers are the following:


  • STORAGE. It does not require any special storage.  It can be stored in plastic vessels that are supplied with tank cars and can be located at the injection place, avoiding so  unnecessary displacements.

  • LOADERS. It does not require any loader for unloadings and displacements within the farm. Our product is directly placed at irrigation stations.

  • STEALING.  Agrofeed products are not susceptible of being stolen.

  • DISSOLUTION. Stirring the product is not necessary to dissolve it.

  • 100% SOLUBLE.  Agrofeed products are 100% soluble.  Its  application through sub-foliage irrigation is very efficient and does not leave any solid on the bottom of tanks.

  • ACIDITY. Fertilization is acid. Alkaline effect of irrigation waters is counteracted by placing nutrients at an optimun ph, easing so their absorption by the plants.



  • DOSING. Minor physical effort to dose.

  • MANPOWER. Manpower is minimum. The same person carries out irrigation tasks and executes the system fertilization process.







For 14 years that Brenntag has been with the Agrofeed line, our presence in different markets has increased.  Our technology and experience are recognized in the field.


In Colombia, Brenntag counts on four Agrofeed formulation plants: in Bogota, Cali, Medellin, and Barranquilla, mainly paying attention to flower cultivations, vegetables, sugar cane, fruits, banana, and transitory cultivations.  Also, a plant located in Valencia, Venezuela, is operating with other coffee cultivations and sugar cane.




In Central America, we count on formulation plants in Costa Rica, Honduras, and Guatemala. We attend melon cultivations, pineapple, sugar cane, green plantations, exportation flowers, and vegetables.


Agrofeed always works with  the on-request formulation philosophy, tailored to the cultivation and the physiological status. It is applied to plantations by ferti-irrigation, by injection, and by mechanical pulverizing in the case of  row cultivations.

Agrofeed is not only a product, but a service too. As a global business model in Latin America, the advantage of using Agrofeed emerges from the services we offer to our customers. This is achieved by our technical team made up of highly qualified people to provide recommendations in the field at an agricultural level. In different countries, Brenntag’s agricultural engineers provide our custormers with consulting services through their technical support. Our team commercializes the Agrofeed liquid fertilizer that is applied through sofisticated dosing systems in accordance to nutritional requisites and the development stages of each cultivation.




We are always watching the quality of our products in our labs.


Agrofeed Brenntag’s line has a presence of near 90% in flower cultivations at the Sabana de Bogota.  We count on the Dole group among our customers. At the Valle del Cauca, we attend the fertilization with application services in Sugar Cane cultivations, and vegetables with grape and melon cultivators. In Barranquilla, we carry out an Organic-Mineral fertilization program in the Chiquita farms. For Uraba and Santa Marta, we provide all foliage formulas that are compatible with sigatoca’s cocktails.


Chiquita Dole Del Monte, Fresh Quest, Verdes Superiores, and other important companies—among others—are found as part of our customers in Central America.




As to Ecuador, our business is the sale of fertilizers as granular solids or hydro soluble dusts.  Our products are sold in a single or blended format. Whenever possible, our blends are suited to the productor’s needs. It mainly depends upon the amount of kilograms needed by the cultivation. In the case of a small amount, the product must be prepared based on one of the standard available formulas we have in the company.


Our products in Agrofeed Ecuador are characterized as follows:

  • Granular fertilizer treated with anti-glomerant that does not become compact.

  • High quality physical blend.

  • Perfect granulometric that allows an easy handling and uniform application.

  • Double action nitrogen, since it is presented as nitrate and ammonium.

  • A rich formula in potassium which permits to improve the weight and quality of the fruit.

  • A wide set of elements-such as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, zinc, and boron—are provided.

  • This formula ensures complete fertilization for banana plantations or for any other cultivation.

  • Low acid fertilizers which contribute  to soil conservation.







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